Friday, August 14, 2009

a new artist a day - power pirate

our next new artist is actually a three-piece band out of washington d.c. who call themselves power pirate. formed in 2007, they consist of emily pakulski (guitar/vocals), annika monari (drums) and michael garate (keyboards), and they're a diy group in every sense of the term, designing their own website (very nice), taking their own publicity photos and recording their music in homemade booths made out of mattresses (resourceful!).

speaking of their music, it's a perky yet pummeling mash-up of the heavy guitar melodrama of muse and the squiggly synths of bis. these may sound like strange bedfellows at first but the resulting cocktail is quite fun. it certainly doesn't hurt that the group has a commanding vocalist is pakulski, whose soaring sneer isn't too far removed that of the sounds' maja ivarsson.

their music may not be for everyone, but it has certainly resulted in much involutary head-bobbing at my desk at work. imagine what it could trigger when exploding out of speakers at a club. according to local d.c. press, they positively shred live.

not bad for a group whose members aren't even old enough to drink yet.

check out a couple embedded tunes below. my pick is the techno-tinged "infecting us."


3 - Stars by powerpirate

infecting us:

5 - Infecting Us by powerpirate

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